Quantitative Margin Reviews

Confidence from the numbers.
Don't change Banks. Lead the Conversation.

Bank Margins Demystified

Drive robust, transparent, fair & competitive bank margin discussions. Leverage the power of large-scale banking data and a team of market experts dedicated to providing answers to the simple question:

What is a fair margin?

Strategic Review

Proactive check up to identify financing costs savings.

Imminent Margin Negotiation

Powerful insights to provide guidance and clarity over bank margin changes.

Bank Loyalty Tax

Review competitiveness of existing margins and decide what action.

COVID-19 RBA Stimulus

Discover how COVID-19 stimulus measures has effected margins and what questions you need to ask.

As CFO, I foster a healthy, supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with each bank. Over the past 18 months I have used BankEdge to reduce our funding costs to a fair and competitive level.

Anthony RousCFO, Kennards Self Storage

I now approach negotiations with my bankers with new confidence, grounded in real data and facts.

Anthony RousCFO, Kennards Self Storage

Margin Health Check

The Health Check provides all the historical information required to assess the fairness of your current Lending margins.

This information is a key indicator towards the need to review your Margins.

  • Competitiveness check
  • Historic Margin evaluation
  • Market pricing supporting material
  • Board report ready bank facility summary
  • Credit Risk Grade estimate
  • Banking Health Score
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Margin Review and Negotiation

The Margin Negotiation service ensures you lead the margin negotiation conversation with your bank.

BankEdge analyses your new offer against current market conditions and enables unprecedented transparency into bank pricing that leaves no room for hidden or unexplained increases in your financing costs.

  • Current facility offer evaluation
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Market pricing supporting materials
  • ‘Fair’ margin prediction using latest market data
  • Itemised margin price drivers visualisation
  • What-if Financial Scenarios
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BankEdge Dashboard

Proactive engagement with your financiers is a key ingredient to a productive bank-customer relationship. It is a challenge to stay on top of every rollover, swap expiry and early warning to get prepared ahead of an Annual Review. Managing several financiers across numerous facility tranches accentuates the time-demands.

The BankEdge customer dashboard solves this problem by providing timely and actionable reminders across your portfolio.

  • Timeline Actions
  • Facility Tranches
  • Financial Scenario Summaries
  • Risk Grade estimates
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COVID-19 Impacts

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: initial allocation

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: additional allocation

   APRA COVID-19 Capital relaxation

    Bank COVID-19 Risk-overlays