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Powerful answers to a simple question: what is a fair rate?

We will help you drive a transparent, fair & competitive banking discussion.

Get transparency and the answers you seek. No unnecessary tenders. No switching. No disruption.

Our proprietary platform will explain your market driven margin changes. This makes Banks accountable for unexplained increases. Discover what is fair and know when to question what is not.

    Wholesale Market Funding 

    Customer Deposit Funding

   Regulatory & Capital changes

   Facility Structure

   Credit Risk Factors

COVID-19 Impacts

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: initial allocation

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: additional allocation

   APRA COVID-19 Capital relaxation

    Bank COVID-19 Risk-overlays


Lending Margins deconstructed | Bank pricing demystified

Our Solution

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    Bank Review
    Bank Monitoring
    Cost Reduction Program


Customised Strategies

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   Dissatisfied   |   Tendering


We cover all

    Sole Bank
   Club Banking
   Syndicated Banking

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Existing Margin check-up & monitoring

Proposed Margin renegotiation


Choose between: Review subscription or Renegotiation

Management Board Quarterly Margin Review Updates: subscription

Bank Margin Renegotiation: fee-for-service


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Your Bank Margins: explained.
Transparency = Fairness = Productive Banking relationship.

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Our reviews provide all the information required to drive informed, robust bank pricing discussions.
Strategy consultations available by arrangement.