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Powerful answers to a simple question: what is a fair rate?

A platform built exclusively to drive a robust, transparent, fair & competitive bank margin discussions.

Leverage the power of large-scale data engineering and a team of market experts dedicated to providing answers to the simple question: What is a fair margin?

Our leading platform will evaluate your margin and distill proposed increases into the underlying drivers, exposing the explainable market-driven changes.

This makes Banks accountable for any unexplained increases. Discover what is fair and know when to question what is not.

    Wholesale Market Funding 

    Customer Deposit Funding

   Regulatory & Capital changes

   Facility Structure

   Credit Risk Factors

COVID-19 Impacts

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: initial allocation

   RBA COVID-19 Term Funding Facility: additional allocation

   APRA COVID-19 Capital relaxation

    Bank COVID-19 Risk-overlays


Lending Margins deconstructed | Bank pricing demystified

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Confidence through data analysis

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    Bank Monitoring
    Cost Reduction Program


Customised Strategies

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    Short   |   New
   Dissatisfied   |   Tendering


We cover all

    Sole Bank
   Club Banking
   Syndicated Banking

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Existing Margin check-up & monitoring

Proposed Margin renegotiation


Choose between: Review subscription or Renegotiation

Management Board Quarterly Margin Review Updates: subscription

Bank Margin Renegotiation: fee-for-service


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Our reviews provide all the information required to drive informed, robust bank pricing discussions.
Strategy consultations available by arrangement.