About us

BankEdge helps businesses get a fair rate

BankEdge was founded upon the idea that the right blend of banking knowledge, industry market data sources and financial modelling would give businesses an edge in banking negotiations.

BankEdge set out to create a world first bank margin analysis platform after seeing countless businesses disadvantaged by a lack of information and market transparency. Our service combines leading data-modelling techniques with financial risk pricing principles to provide contextualized insights into SME and mid-market lending margins.

We understand and promote the importance of a productive customer-bank relationship and provide the tools to ensure fair relationship reciprocity. BankEdge equips businesses with powerful insights to help reset their bank margins and proactively monitor their facilities.

BankEdge is excited to be making complex financial market data relevant, accessible and visual for use by the business person to strengthen there position in banking negotiations.

Our team

Daniel Chalmers

Managing Director

Dan has a unique end-to-end combination of banking technical valuation skills and client-sales-advisory experience gained over a nearly two decades of managing client accounts whilst working in a major Australian bank followed by as an independent banking consultant.

He is an expert in Bank Treasury functions including Asset and Liability Management, Funds Transfer Pricing functions, non-traded Interest Rate Risk management and Bank Capital management.

Building on these skills he joined the Global Financial Markets division where he was a Financial Derivative Structurer responsible for matching financial risk management products with customer needs. This role combined his exceptional financial engineering abilities with his strong business acumen to deliver successful strategies across the full spectrum of ASX listed down to local factory owners. He was successful in managing his portfolio of customers and sought out to assistance in complex financial risks or client challenges.

His natural curiosity lead to experience across other bank product areas and ultimately down a path towards solving a decade long bank wide problem. Using his intuition, deep knowledge of financial risk principals and comfort with big data he solved a debilitating bank-wide problem to create the first ‘single client view’ mash up from the numerous legacy systems. External consultants validated his work which received CEO and Board level interest due to its potential for significant revenue uplift. This success was the catalyst for him to exit the bank and use his skills to empower the customer.

He is one of the few who has bothered to read APRA Capital Adequacy Standards, study the quarterly Bank regulatory capital disclosures and gets excited by RBA papers and Major bank financial updates.

You can not Manage what you can not Measure.

Our Solution

We built a bank pricing platform

It is a simple question: what is a fair margin for my business?

But an incredibly difficult question to answer. That is why we built a quantitative capital, funding and risk-based pricing platform.

Why? Because this information is incredibly valuable.

  • Wholesale Cost of Funding
  • Customer deposit Cost of Funding
  • COVID-19 RBA response policies
  • RBA Term Funding Facility: initial allowance
  • RBA Term Funding Facility: additional allowance
  • Risk weighted assets
  • T
  • Term Lending Facilities
  • Multi-currency, sole/club/syndicated Facilities

The Problem

Margin Reviews as a Service platform.
We tackle the issue of market information asymmetry that causes one-sided, complex, often unsubstantiated Bank Margin negotiations.

We equip and empower corporate companies with market based information to drive fair and transparent banking arrangements.

Banking Decoded

It is a frequent observation that business financial decision makers are not equipped with current and accessible bank-market insights required to engage in robust, transparent and competitive two-way bank pricing negotiation. This disadvantage erodes business profitability.


The BankEdge platform decodes the inner workings of financial institutions and financial markets to provide understandable, contextualised and relevant insights at the customer product and transaction level.


BankEdge creates highly desired bank accountability and margin transparency to enable strategic decisions that maximise the benefits of ‘product pooling’ – commonly known as cross-sell. Cross-sell is a critical driver for all financiers as they seek to both preserve and grow shareholder returns.

Our Philosophy

You need your bank

You need your bank.

Your bank needs appropriate Total Return from your business, often expressed as a Return on Equity [RoE] measure.

The inner workings of the Banking industry are complex and create a large negotiating power differential. Ineffective negotiations will occur where there is asymmetrical information which results in sub-optimal outcomes for the smaller party, and above market ‘super returns’ for the larger party.

Negotiating with a bank is often intimidating and one-sided.

We can help

We can help.

We believe technology can democratise the complex world of SME to middle-market banking and empower customers.

We know our systems and algorithms are built on the same fundamental Global Standards and Frameworks and Financial Market Conventions used by the Banking Industry.

We know bank pricing is driven by the models and maths, that numbers speak and defensible-data doesn’t lie.

Relationship Reciprocity

We don’t underestimate the value of relationship, but expect reciprocity.

We believe education and transparency over bank margins will improve price negotiations and drive accountability, improve market function and efficiency.