Complimentary Margin Benchmarking

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Proactive facility management begins with informed decision making. With year-end approaching fast, valuable initiatives are at risk of being pushed into the new year. To help businesses get ahead of their scheduled margin negotiations and bank meetings, we are offering complimentary Health Checks to selected businesses.

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For the month of November, BankEdge is waiving fees for margin Health Checks for selected businesses.

What is a Health Check?

Our Health Check reviews how competitive your margin was at the time of agreement. It benchmarks your margin using bottom-up analysis, referencing all relevant market variables at that point in time.

Understanding what should have been helps form the lender strategy for the upcoming year. It signals margin competitiveness, and guides next steps such as, hold steady, raise with the board or prepare to engage with the bank.

  • Competitiveness check
  • Consolidated facility summary
  • Customised dashboard report
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Get ahead for the new year in a few simple steps


Confidential information sharing

Execute non-disclosure agreement. BankEdge or company approved template.


Provide high-level information

Provide relevant facility details and summary financials.


Review your Facility’s competitiveness

Access your customised Health Check dashboard.


Strategise the next steps

Discuss your insights with a banking expert. Shape your 2022 lender strategy.

Get ahead of the 2022 curve

Current interest rates are extraordinarily low; both base rates [BBSYs] and credit margins [your Line fee & Margins]. They can only go up from here and current debate is not about if but when they start to increase – and by how much.

Now is the time to rebase your margins to a competitive basis. Our Health Check service is a bottom-up analysis that evaluates the competitiveness of your lending margins, using historic point-in-time market conditions.

Understand you margin analysis through easy to understand dashboards, customised for your business. Learn your competitiveness score to guide your next steps.