Benchmark your facility margins: what is fair and competitive?

Your hassle free way to find interest cost savings.

How competitive is your margin?

Find interest cost savings without a large investment of time through a Health Check. Our Health Check service is a bottom-up analysis that evaluates the competitiveness of your lending margins, using historic point-in-time market conditions.

Understand you margin analysis through easy to understand dashboards, customised for your business. Learn your competitiveness score to guide your next steps.

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Benchmark your margin in a few simple steps


Know your information is safe  

Sign a non-disclosure agreement, either ours or yours.  


Get the most accurate evaluation

Upload your most recent financials and letter of offer or facility agreement. 


Review your margin’s fairness 

Use insights to evaluate your margin and decide what next steps to take.  

What is a Health Check?

Our Health Check provides all the historical information required to assess the competitiveness of your current lending margins.

This information is a key indicator in forming recommendations for next steps and ultimately if it is time for a margin review and re-negotiation.

  • Competitiveness check
  • Historic Margin evaluation
  • Market pricing supporting material
  • Board report ready bank facility summary
  • Credit Risk Grade estimate
  • Banking Health Score
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Be one step ahead

With your Health Check we create a customised dashboard for your facility management. The dashboard provides you timely, automated and actionable reminders of key milestones across your bank lending facilities.

Proactive engagement with your financiers is key to a productive bank-customer relationship. It is a challenge to stay on top of every rollover, tranche expiry and covenant reporting date. Annual reviews can sneak up on you, early reminders help you stay one step ahead.

  • Interactive Timeline
  • Automated notifications
  • Single view across Facility Tranches
  • Key market pricing events
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Time to talk to your bank?

If your suspicions have been confirmed that your margins could be sharper then our Margin Review and Negotiation service can help you. Our service not only calculates your fair margin using current market data, but employs our proprietary point-to-point analysis to quantity specific drivers that shapes the negotiating strategy.

Your tailored negotiation strategy equips you with data-driven insights to engage with your bank and achieve a fair margin.

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