Intelligent negotiations for fair outcomes

Customised data-driven negotiation strategies.

Leverage margin drivers for transparent negotiations

Avoid disruptive refinancing and deliver value in a few steps with a Margin Review and Negotiation. Our Review and Negotiation service uses best-practice financial modelling to evaluate your new offer against market conditions and business performance for clear margin drivers, scenario analysis and market predictions.

Back your negotiation with expert financial analysis and tailored strategy.

Know your fair margin

Be negotiation ready with complex financial market data made relevant, accessible and visual.

Prepare for all scenarios

Be as informed as the banks about market predictions, your financial position and margin drivers using what-if scenarios.  

Lead the conversation

Maintain your bank relationship while getting your fair margin with tailored negotiation strategy.  

What is a Margin Review and Negotiation?

Our Margin Review & Negotiation gives you the banking insights and strategy you need to lead the margin negotiation conversation with your bank.

BankEdge analyses your new offer against current market conditions for unprecedented transparency in bank pricing. The data leaves no room for unexplained increases in your financing costs.

  • Current facility offer evaluation
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Market pricing supporting materials
  • ‘Fair’ margin prediction using latest market data
  • Itemised margin price drivers visualisation
  • What-if Financial Scenarios
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Be negotiation ready in a few simple steps


Know your information is safe  

Sign a non-disclosure agreement, either ours or yours.  


Get the most accurate review 

Upload your most recent Financials and Facility Agreement. 


Plan your negotiation strategy 

Use our insights and talk with our expert about how to get a win-win outcome with your bank. 

Stay one step ahead

Proactive engagement with your financiers is key to a productive bank-customer relationship. It is a challenge to stay on top of every rollover, swap expiry and early warning to get prepared ahead of an Annual Review.

The BankEdge customer dashboard solves this problem by providing timely and actionable reminders across your portfolio.

  • Timeline Actions
  • Facility Tranches
  • Financial Scenario Summaries
  • Risk Grade estimates
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Just the basics of margins

If you are not in talks with your bank, you can still benchmark your margin. Understand the basics of your margin health, bank relationship and potential cost savings with our Health Check.

If the Health Check indicates that your margins are higher than our fair margin calculation, it’s time to look into a Margin Review and Negotiation.

Learn about Health Check

As CFO, I foster a healthy, supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with each bank. Over the past 18 months I have used BankEdge to reduce our funding costs to a fair and competitive level.

Anthony RousCFO, Kennards Self Storage

We continue to be impressed with the level of bank pricing insights provided by BankEdge Margin Review. All stakeholders have benefited from the transparent benchmarking process which has assisted in achieving competitive outcomes.

Peter Geizer, Ph.D.General Manager, INC Invest