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You know your clients and understand the ins-and-outs of financial advisory. We know banking and make complex financial market data relevant and accessible. Together we can achieve better banking outcomes for your clients.

Our partner program is for financial advisors that understand the business of banking but are looking for data-driven analysis to support their banking recommendations. BankEdge allows advisors to easily analyse relevant market and company data to strategise unique and tailored client recommendations, without doing copious amounts of research. It is a tool to enhance already strong financial support and improve advisor efficiency.

Our analysis

Our world-first algorithm can analyse your clients’ facilities and help you strategise.

Your expertise

Our analysis goes direct to you, because you know your clients best.

Better banking outcomes

Your client has the best-informed recommendations and support.

Better together

Your high-level understanding of market pricing can be enriched with data-driven insights tailored to each of your clients’ needs. You can strengthen your client relationships by providing them access to a proprietary algorithm at an exclusive partner rate.

Your clients, our insights

BankEdge is founded on the value of transparency, so we believe your clients are yours. We stand for reciprocal business-bank relationships and strong business-advisor relationships.

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Partner benefits:

  • Subscription to BankEdge platform for your own practice
  • Scalable subscription to your needs
  • Consultation with a banking expert
  • Exclusive insights into market changes that impact your clients
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The partner process


Know your information is safe  

Sign a non-disclosure agreement, either ours or yours. This protects you and your clients.  


Access the platform

Familiarise yourself with the platform and its capabilities.


Analyse your clients’ position

Create a new unique analysis for each client, for tailored recommendations.

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See what we do

Check out how our platform works on the business level.

As CFO, I foster a healthy, supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with each bank. Over the past 18 months I have used BankEdge to reduce our funding costs to a fair and competitive level.

Anthony RousCFO, Kennards Self Storage

We continue to be impressed with the level of bank pricing insights provided by BankEdge Margin Review. All stakeholders have benefited from the transparent benchmarking process which has assisted in achieving competitive outcomes.

Peter Geizer, Ph.D.General Manager, INC Invest