Our services are tailored to your requirements with pricing based upon facility limits and company turnover.

Our Health Checks and Margin Review and Negotiations are used by a diverse range and size of businesses with company turnover and facility limits ranging from $5 million to over $300 million.

Health Check

Compare your position using large-scale data analytics to evaluate the fairness of your bank margin. Enhance value with proactive and strategic bank facility management.

A comprehensive Health Check begins at A$1,750 for company turnover and facility limits of 5 million.

Includes 3 months access to all Health Check platform features.

Additional services include:

  • Moody’s risk estimation method
  • Margin consultation
  • Next steps advice

Margin Review and Negotiation

Understand your best possible position and drive cost savings for your business. Expert financial analysis to prepare you for your bank margin negotiations.

A comprehensive Margin Review begins at A$4,900 for company turnover and facility limits of 5 million.

Includes 6 months access to all Margin Review and Negotiation, and Health Check platform features.

Additional services include:

  • Ex-banker consultation
  • Additional negotiation planning
  • Board presentation

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If you are not comfortable disclosing these details for a quote, we have a non-disclosure process for all clients. You can request an online non-disclosure agreement or send us your company’s pre-approved version to

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