Our Solution

We built a bank

We built a Bank.

Now you can take a look inside.

Well, not exactly a bank – but rather an end-to-end Banking product valuation platform.

Why? Because this information is incredibly valuable.


  • Product Valuations (aka Bank Profits)
  • Treasury Transfer Pricing System
  • Capital Pricing Model
  • Lending, Leasing & Working Capital
  • Cash Management & Trade Finance
  • Foreign Exchange & Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Multi-currency, sole/club/syndicated Facilities

The Problem

BankEdge is a world first SaaS web application.
We tackle the issue of market information asymmetry that causes one-sided, complex, often unsubstantiated Bank Margin negotiations.

We equip and empower corporate companies with market based information to drive fair and transparent banking arrangements.

Banking Decoded

It is a frequent observation that business financial decision makers are not equipped with current and accessible bank-market insights required to engage in robust, transparent and competitive two-way bank pricing negotiation. This disadvantage erodes business profitability.


The BankEdge platform decodes the inner workings of financial institutions and financial markets to provide understandable, contextualised and relevant insights at the customer product and transaction level.


BankEdge creates highly desired bank accountability and margin transparency to enable strategic decisions that maximise the benefits of ‘product pooling’ – commonly known as cross-sell. Cross-sell is a critical driver for all financiers as they seek to both preserve and grow shareholder returns.

Our Philosophy

You need your bank.

You need your bank.

Your bank needs appropriate Total Return from your business.

The inner workings of the Banking industry are complex and create a large negotiating power differential. Ineffective negotiations will occur where there is asymmetrical information which results in sub-optimal outcomes for the smaller party, and above market ‘super returns’ for the larger party.

Markets (and margins) are cyclical, but unless prompted, bank margins seldom fall.

Negotiating with a bank is often intimidating and one-sided.

We can help

We can help.

We believe technology can democratise the complex world of middle-market banking and empower customers.

We know our systems and algorithms are built on the same fundamental Global Standards and Frameworks and Financial Market Conventions used by the Banking Industry.

We know bank pricing is driven by the models and maths, that numbers speak and defensible-data doesn’t lie.

Relationship Reciprocity

We don’t underestimate the value of relationship, but expect reciprocity.

We believe education and transparency over bank margins will improve price negotiations and drive accountability, market function and efficiency.

You can not Manage what you can not Measure.

Daniel Chalmers – Founder & Managing Director

Dan has a unique end-to-end combination of banking technical valuation skills and client-sales-advisory experience gained over a decade of managing client accounts whilst working across technically complicated areas of a bank.

Dan has passionately pursued a vision for a fairer, transparent bank-customer market place.

He is an expert in Bank Treasury functions, Global Financial Markets, Banking products and Customer Relationship management.

Dan is excited by the potential for technology to unlock powerful insights by deciphering large, complex and unstructured data sets. He has become skilled in numerous programming languages and web development frameworks to drive this forward.

His passion is making complex data relevant, accessible and visual for the end user.

Dan knows there is enormous potential to assist the corporate sector by providing access to an institutional grade platform with powerful and valuable insights into their banking arrangements.

We’ve done the modelling & maths – you lead the negotiating.

Value the Relationship.

Whether you see your financiers as friend or foe:

  • You need your bank.
  • Your bank needs appropriate Total Return from your business.

Ensure a fair and competitive ongoing relationship with Accountability

Measure and track the value of the relationship or transaction with Transparency.

Knowledge and Information are the tools used to further strategic relationships and transition unproductive ones.

Its about time.

Competition and innovation initiatives have often focused on the retail banking segment.

The business community deserves stronger competition and informed access to financial products and services. Every month, quarter and year you generate profit returns for your financiers. The time has come for you to discover, track and keep parties accountable. Know your worth.